Dec 28, 2009

Merry Christmas Time RECAP...

Alright kids!
Here's the Christmas time recap... a nutshell :)

My sisto and I did some major awesome gift wrapping on Xmas Eve's eve for a gift exchange that night!
My very first pom poms!!!

...while watching 500 Days Of Summer... Good film!

I got Molli this scarf... I think she liked it!

it was so fun getting crafty and making the pom pom gift toppers! I shall make more later :)

So then
 for Xmas Eve...
We have a tradition that started 2 (now 3) Xmases ago...
My friend Molli comes over and we wrap all the presents that need wrapping and make sure the tree presentation is up to par for the big morning...

...and when thats all done (it's always past midnight by then) we go to the Denny's about a mile away from my house and have... well a bunch of junk LOL!!!

*my mother would kill me over this photo. She hates "after eating" photos because the table looks bad.
**Molli might kill me too.

here I am wishing I hadn't touched that sundae... ODed on the junk for sure!

Then we got back home and I fell into a coma on the couch!
Molls and Dani stayed up way too late playing boxing on the Wii so Molls crashed on our couch and woke up with us for Xmas morning and played photographer!
What fun!

Dani's movie stack got bigger and bigger...and bigger!

She got me the best gift ever... 4 different mustaches on a stick!!!
She also makes a good gift wrap out of Trader Joe's bags!

The handle bars looked best on daddy! LOL!


after that we watched Charlie Brown Christmas... Home Alone... Coming to America... and Elf!
It was the funnest of Christmases!

How was yours???


pc: weheartit / etsy


  1. So many things to comment on in this post.

    - Pom-poms are so much fun to make! I really love how you used them as present toppings. Really cute.
    - (500) Days of Summer is easily my favorite movie of the year.
    - A Christmas Story's on your TV! <3


  2. your dad is awesome!
    and your dvds are good ones!
    cute blog!

  3. I love the moustache Tiff. I think I might grow one, but it will take a couple months. I'll let my hair grow out the same amount of time then maybe I can be on your a pic for the world to see.
    The vid was a good one of your dad. How classic is that!! Love ya! Jake.


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