Dec 18, 2009

Happy Friday...

Although it doesn't mean a thing to us in the entertainment world... it actually means WEEKEND WORK time. BUT I wish you all a beautiful Friday!
Here are some beautiful things I spotted on the web...

i want this little angel for Christmas :*)

never hesitate to present this to me for my birthday...coming up SOON by the way!

wouldn't these make cute broaches???

yes He is!

He designed this! = win
Us trying to design things in space = FAIL

and speaking of space cadettes...

so tempted to copy her... so awesome!

Killer Saturn... LOL!

i had these glow in the dark stars on my walls for years!

I'd "squeee" if I were the one to find this...

BUT then again... I found Waldo on Halloween up in Big Bear (where dreams come true!)

this ones for my sister... she LOVEs that kids show "Word World"'s kinda weird.

and some "chocolate mustaches on a stick" for my girls Anne and Annette (wink wink)

hello beautiful sir! :)

Hellooooo BEAUTIFUL sir!

My lovely friend Michelle, my kid sis and I went to see this beautiful man play on The Jay Leno Show this week... he was indeed beautiful. Now I guess I have to wait until March to see him again.
Le sigh!

Have beautiful weekend!

pc: weheartit.


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