Dec 15, 2009

old treasures.

hello darlings!
so a couple weeks ago there was an estate sale in my neighborhood! so naturally i slammed on the breaks and found some wonderful old treasures for myself!

two vintage soda pop glasses! a vintage ice cream scooper and measuring spoons!
and three Christmas tumblers just in time!!
also a beautiful vintage Pyrex bowl!!

also some vintage Christmas decor and some vintage board games!!

and speaking of vintage! Check these super cool photos of my parents circa late 70's...

my Godfather in the center after his wedding and my Daddy in the black vest...super cool!

my super beautiful mom and my super cool dad at a halloween party!!
my dad makes a really cool pirate! Arrrrrr!!!!

pc:weheartit (top photo)


  1. My Parents were hippies too Tiffany! There are some pretty interesting pics (just gotta find em). BTW, your clock on your blog is 3 secsonds faster than my computer. I need to catch up. You have set the bar higher once again. Love ya!!

  2. OMG I've never seen that last one! What was mom for Halloween? Haha those are our parents....

  3. i'm digging your dad's cheech & chong pirate look! the estate sale was worth burning out breaks for. when i kick it - i want my fam to farm out my leftover goodies to people 'like us' that will appreciate the kitschy, storied, fab finds on the cheap!

  4. Amazing vintage pictures!


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