Dec 21, 2009

i LOVE you monday!!

i LOVE you Urban Outfitters!!!

I did some online browsing through the store to check out the Christmas deals... and I fell in love with UO!
so here's SOME of what I want for Christmas from UO... oh boyfriend!! where are youuuu?

cute lil' leotard!

cute lil' key covers! haha! the "key" makes them Unicorns!!!

and then I was attacked... the shoes!

soooo adorable!

Le LOVE the floral Doc Martens forever!!!!! I think I love them cus they were never a big hit to me back in the grunge days... I'm realizing I was wrong.

buying these for sure!

and these too! ...because I need them ;o)

and I need these to live...

the end.

my house is looking more and more like Christmas! it's making me feel warm and fuzzy...
...I hope the same for you!



  1. Today was a good monday too Tiffany! Glad to see your home/blog is updated with Christmas cheer. Talk to you sometime.

  2. ahhhhhh those floral Doc Martens are calling my name!!

  3. i love them key holder things!!++
    actually i like all of them :)

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