Oct 13, 2009


1. dreamy beautiful 'brellas.

2. dreamy bearded boyfriends with outdoor blankets and record players.

3. dreamING is dreamy.

4. dreamy dream catchers.

(been looking at dream catchers today and have totally been inspired to get one to cover an old tattoo of mine)

5. knowing you make someone smile is SO super dreamy.

 Been dreaming about...
1. Buying a condo with my sister soon!
2. Getting my zen back with some daily yoga sessions.
3. Baking pumpkin bread ASAP!

What have you been dreaming of?

photo credit: my iphone/Local-83/flickr/ffffound

1 comment:

  1. Ive been dreaming about that girl with the curly hair that looked twice while in the village. Been dreaming of the view from 1000feet aloft! Been dreamin of the rolex watch I found last nite, the Air-King oyster perpetual, I'd love to have it. I've been dreamin of Hawaii. Aloha all! --Jake.


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