Oct 7, 2009

good morning.

hello all!
woke up this morning and the scratchy throat is STILL here! no bueno you guys! but thats okay because I am still keeping to the agenda. A little Bible study devotional. check emails. catch up on twitter. eat (shown above: mommys home so she made scrambled eggies and I inhaled them. thanks mom.) wrap packages. post office. buy some meds to kick this thing!

thinking of treating myself to some thrifting... no? ...yeah!

(photo taken this past spring fyi.)

PS. Oh yeah and an Autumn playlist mix tape is in the works. I hope and plan to post it soon!


  1. So does 'thrifting' mean hitting thrift stores? Do you do that a lot? With this economy I have been wanting to hit some good ones. Know of any?

  2. To Mama Linda :)
    Yes, thrifting is shopping at the thrift stores for me! I didn't get to go. I'm sick with a sore throat and just had way too much work to do. I LOVE the thrift shop up in Big Bear (Jake knows where it is) AND it's where I got my Stangl Glass long sleeve shirt from for 50 cents!


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