Oct 12, 2009

i LOVE you monday.

1. i LOVE you Madonna.

(I will always LOVE Madge's brows... she rep's for us girls with intense brows!)

2. i LOVE you Drew in vintage.

3. i LOVE you John Mayer in the movement.

4. i LOVE you Jason Mraz. always.

5. i LOVE you Angie!! adorable.

and i LOVE you monday.

enjoy the week! 

my PLANS for the week:
1. clean bedroom/office
2. get ReyRey (my car) an oil change
3. sneak disneyand in
4. get lots of fancycat vintage work done.
5. sneak a good nap in

your PLANS?

xo tif.

photo cred: w magazine/johnmayer/jasonmraz/annie leibovitz/tom and leenie

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