Oct 16, 2009

Theme "Thursday" ?

"The Pink Ladies pact is to... 
ACT cool.
to LOOK cool.
and to BEEEE cool.
Till death do us part...THINK PINK!"

ha ha! do you love Grease 2 as much as me!!? 
So this thursday's (I know I know... it's Friday) theme is inspired by JUST that!

1. pretty pink mailbox. 
*just you wait till i get my own mailbox!

2. pretty real Barbie's for MAC makeup!

3. pretty pink room.

4. pretty pink floral vintage tube dress at FancyCat Vintage!

5. Pretty heart tights!

6. pretty lady.
*this is my L83 friend Annette... she always has cool pink hair and I wish I was as cool and funny as her (:
LOVE you Annette!

7. pretty good words to live by!

i totally feel like watching Grease 2 now!! I can't do it though because we have lots to do in FancyCat Vintage Land AND I need to watch Year One before my sister sends it back to netfix...oh well.

so what's inspiring you today?

photo credit: ffffound/etsy/fancycat vintage


  1. Little heart tight! I need those to live....

  2. i love pink, and to start the post with a Grease 2 quote! love it!!

  3. Oh I LOVE the mail box! How very adorable:)


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