Oct 8, 2009

Dear Autumn...

Dear Autumn,
I've realized that you are officially NOT good for my diet this time around. Are you trying to sabotage me?

(pumpkin photo cred: lifelovepaper)

Autumn 2009 is gonna wreck me (if I let it)'s why:

totally killed one of these pumpkin cream cheese muffins from the BUX yesterday... while driving! No lie!

Then my sister and I proceeded to make this...

dont get me wrong! It was yummy! It's half ham (for my Daddy) and half vegetarian (for me) with tomato slices.
***For dessert, we had apple cinnamon Thera-flu LOL! I've had a sore throat bug for a couple days and my sister, Dani was starting to feel it too :(

This morning I woke up feeling a little better and I wanted something to warm my tummy and throat...

and what you see here is the SECOND round of whip cream... shameful!

But thanks Autumn... you've been cozy so far (minus the throat thing)!!!

Anyway, I totally feel like taking a nap right now but I don't think I'm gonna let myself. I know I have a long list of things to do! Procrastination taking over.


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