Oct 24, 2009

Foto Shuffle.

i draw the most random things... and i honestly think my best doodles are on post-it notes. above is a random cute little girl i copied off of an etsy add i saw. i think shes so cute that i keep her taped onto the clip board on my wall :)

heres are some RANDOM things i have hearted in my collection...

1. Top hat thumb!! if this doesn't make you *squeeee* somethings wrong with your cute-o-meter!
learn how to make this here.

2. vintage photo of LAX 

3. if my kid sis and i go on SURVIVOR (we're obsessed with that show)... we're gonna make this swingin' bed! and by "swingin'" I dont mean "hip or cool" even though it is... i lit-chrally SWINGS! 

4. Shopping LOSTS ... not "lists"! This cool person across the pond makes beautiful typography out of found shopping lists and BLOGS them. I found TWO last week and I'm really gonna send them... and you know I'll post pics as soon as they are made! (photo via swiss-miss)

5. pop-tart iPhone or iTouch cover! found on etsy.

6. the cutest little jumping girl i ever saw!

7. Yikes!!! 

well thats enough randomness for me! im off to bed. ive got a busy morning but ill be back manana!

other photo cred goes to: ffffound/ flickr/ readymadeblog/ we heart it


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  2. That poptart felt iphone case owns! I want a couple just as pluhies to stack in the kichen or pantry or something!

    edit: Yes I deleted my first typo filled comment xD

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