Oct 22, 2009

theme thursday.

...and i dont need another kind of GREEN to know
im on the right side with you...

one of my favorite john mayer songs has inspired me today to use GREEN for my "theme thursday" blog. 

1. pretty green ice cream!

2. cute green vintage army shirt (one of my faves from FancyCatVintage)

3. pretty spooky green cat eyes

4. pretty green envelopes & stamps from not martha.

5. another cute GREEN 80's prom dress from FancyCatVintage.

6. pretty green eyes!

7. and can't forget the pretty green mouth via kutlu photography!

8. pretty green walls behind the curious kitty.

9. pretty green leaves behind this pretty girl.

10. and finally a pretty green bug for my sister.


other sources: weheartit/ flicker/ ifoundpix


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