Jul 12, 2011

tattoo tuesday.

 ink havers!
via my 'like collection' on instagram :)
above is amanda (maggie from NOIR OHIO's sister) 
...i told you she had the bestest brows!

here's more to enjoy...

 i always LOVE seablanket's tattoos!

 i love hearts... but candy hearts steal my heart! 
...via dansmithunknown from LA Ink! (whom i want to do a tattoo for me one day...he said he liked my chances) ...eeeep!

 pretty pretty.

 shauna of somethings hiding in here cute!

 HA! my internet friend jarrod (remember him from this tattoo post?)... i mean really?? 
good GOD, his wife should tell him to go model or be a super hero.... RIGHT!?
(can't wait for him to see this heeheheehehhahah!)

yeah... we've got that attitude!


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