Jul 24, 2011

sunday inspiration.

oh hello everyone!
today was pret-ty good. my mom bought me a cute top and XXI for helping her shop for a client and i also got a free yummy lunch out of it. can't really beat that right!? helping people look pretty is fun and makes you feel good... makes me want to do it more often.

so here's some inspo for your sunday.
...starting with the above photo that basically inspires me to just be amazing. LOVE it!!

 inspo to get my hands dirty more often doing something artsy.

 inspo that makes me totally miss paris.
inspo to totally have great colors in my future home. 

inspo to be thankful for EVERY(un-promised)DAY God has given me. 

 inspo to rock a formal dress like this some day.

 inspo to remind me that there are SO many great photos on the internets.

inspo to always LOVE pre-loved pretty things!

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