Jul 14, 2011

outfit report.

 hello hello!
so yesterday... (after getting all our work done AND a photo shoot) dani and i went to disneyland. it was so nice because the sun was setting and the breeze was nice AND... it wasn't too crowded.
i felt like wearing a, what i like to call, "loose&grunge" outfit. i just wanted to be relaxed. 
BUT now i'm totally in LOVE with this skirt for the california heat! ...and why not wear my vintage Giorgio Beverly Hills 80's stripe "summer" bag with a bright florals!? 
it makes me happy :)

slouchy top- h&m
midi skirt- fancycatvintage
sandals- target
turquoise ring- xxi
feather necklace- xxi
bag- giorgio armani/thrifted
sunnies- i don't remember



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