Jul 26, 2011

tattoo tuesday.

 happy tuesday ink lovers!
today is tuesday right? yes. right. 
okay so... here's some ink having photos for you to enjoy and be inspired by for your tuesday!
i LOVE the one above! good shot. good everything.

 amper's and! ffffound via my sister at comicon san diego!

 i love when a tattoo peeks out of a button down business shirt :)

 i like his beard... oh did i tell you i like beards?

 molly of NOIROHIO ...cute!

 kyla roma... so cute :)

 i love old fashion!

'how to use chopsticks!!' BEST-TATTOO-EVER in EVER!!! HA! 
i LOVE it. i WANT it!

...and PS. have you entered the Solarium XO necklace giveaway yet?? 
i'll be choosing a winner tomorrow. 
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other photos via
my instagram collection.

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