Jul 30, 2011

blog LOVE.

well do you?
haha... I ask because I am working on a new project called BLOG LOVE. i am putting together a section of blogger's banners so i can feature and support my fellow blog havers! 
PS. i KNOW a lot of you have CUTE blogs cus i visit them often!

Here are the details:
there will be a "blog LOVE" banner/link section on this page in the right column. i want it to look super cute like a big tile of fancy squares. The size is not set in stone just yet but I am leaning towards a 120x120 pixel square ad!

How do you get in on this?
Let's try this for 2 months August/September ...$5 per banner. 
Holy cows that's cheap! ..i know!
**first come, first serve (after approval) email me to join at DropsOfJupiterBLOG [at] gmail [dot] com YAY!!!


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