Apr 18, 2011

manic monday.

 it's monday!
oh, hi everyone... so what's up with this california weather?? 
the past two days were HOTT and now it's back to raining? hello spring!
but let's talk about the amazing shot of diana ross above...her hair is so perfectly ROUND! i LOVE... and here's some more for your manic monday! ...rain or shine!

 farrah... in alllllll her blue glitter glory!


 freddy! & everything is so good here.

 LOVE this! Jane Birkin and daughter Lou Doillon... my hippie fashion icons!

 dont know much about him... but this Bruno Mars kid looks cute here.

 i LOVE this shot of Bruce Lee!


and isn't vintage Minnie the sweetest!?

okay! im off to catch up on some Survivor 
...then LA LA Land to go see Mr. Chris Hardwick tape a tv show :)
maybe i'll wear something vintage and fancy?!?!

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  1. oh molly! this one is awesome, I've never seen this shot of her. I saw her interview on this past Sunday's Sunday Morning show- she's swell. great pics!

  2. Yowza! Those are a few of my fave people, and they are all looking so good in there. I especially love Molly, Pacino, and Elvis in there.


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