Apr 10, 2011

sunday inspiration.

hi everyone! aren't these flying cats insane!!?? 
i died from the cuteness and im actually typing this up as a zombie! (wink wink)
well im up a little early and about to get ready to go to church and jam a little with the band, listen to a good message then hang out with my girls.... and that's it!
oh! also... we've got some "brand new" vintage pieces coming to the ebay shop TOMORROW (if not tonight!) yay!!!

well enjoy your sunday and enjoy some inspo...
 inspo to have a cute shelf in my future home like rachel's of the Smile and Wave BLOG :)

 inspo to.... yeah! o.O

 inspo to do some more treasure hunting... it's been a while... you know... like a week or so!

 inspo to not be afraid to LOVE!

 inspo to find something like this for my bed! like ASAP!

 inspo to kick my legs in the air... i LOVE baby ellys!

 inspo to collect more vintage camera's.

 uhmmm.... inspo to be awesome?!!

 more future home inspo.

 feather inspo!

inspo to have fun all of my life!

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  1. Love these photos. I mean, who doesn't love flying cats?

  2. All these photos are sooo pretty. I love them all!


  3. Hey! Love all your stuff - I'm on the other side of the world but so funny and good to see so many similar likes and passions on your blog. I've been 'stalking' for a bit but can't help but write now because of those dogs! Love, love, love! And the old ladies, I hope I'm as happy as they are when I'm that age.

  4. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog by hitting the "next" button at the top of my blog! So glad it brought you up... You've got some stellar things on here! :)

  5. Beautiful inspiration! I can't stop staring at those cute flying cats! Adorable! xoxxooo

  6. HAHA! I'm in LOVE with those flying cats, they're insane!!!! SO tempted to repost this on my blog ha! I also love the picture of the girls ear and hair, very beachy and cool :)

  7. wow!!! First time here and I'm already addicted.

    I'm your new follower ♥


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