Apr 30, 2011

for the literate.

 happy weekend everyone!
im singing this weekend so i gotta get to bed early so i can wake up early early early in the morning. BUT...i wanted so badly to share these "literate photos" with you and i got busy!
so here's me catching up for all you literates... 
and PS. the sign above is SO right!

 indeed! ...because this is from a collection of FREE prints!



 hi guys!!!

 i didn't know they had a billboard too!
 i know NOTHING about this! (wink wink)
i LOVE the typography... but i dont LOVE tap water... (in LA it makes me throught scratchy)... unless they meant "tap dancing" :o)

 GOOD! ...and a tattoo to hold us over!

 for my fellow pinterest junkies.

 oh good!

what. the. FORK.... i LOVE it. 

Bah ha hahahaaa
...and again... i know NOTHING of this!

have a great rest of the weekend!

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