Apr 11, 2011

manic monday.

 happy monday everyone!
my day started out "interesting" with let's just say... me going to the hospital and my sister wanting to be prepared for a zombie and or plague outbreak! SOOOO... i'm thankful to finally be home to relax and maybe get some stuff on my to-do list done.

so here are some fun photos for your manic mondayyyyy! oh, and isn't miss marilyn's guitar above groovy???


 the cute kennedy's

 the smiths

 taylor & dean

 LOVE this one of Iman circa '77!

 Young (and dreamtastic) Sir Ian McKellan

 marvin gaye

 my LOVE harrison!

 the eyes of old hollywood via NOIR OHIO!

and be warned....
i've fallen into this amazing love affair with Jeff Buckley. i'll tell you my long story about him one day....but let's just say i've been playing his music non stop for like a week now!
any Buckley fans out there???

well that does it!

other photos via


  1. I *LOVE* Jeff Buckley! "Grace" is always my go-to album whenever I need background music. His work (and his story) is so beautiful and tragic. <3 !

  2. Your images have put a smile on my face .... as always ♥

  3. I forgot to breathe when I saw that last picture of Jeff Buckley. Yup, definitely following you now! hehe.
    He is the most talented, creative, unique and all round best artist and performer, in my opinion at least. Not one day goes by without me listening to the sound of his cashmere sounding voice. He makes me feel something no other artist or person, for that fact, can do. He makes me think of life, of life after life and love. I love him. His death was a tragedy, so sad that we'll never get the chance to see him perform. So if Jeff Buckley's not in heaven, then I'm not going. :)

  4. I Loved every picture, as always :) My first comment here and I'm wondering about the hollywood eyes. I can se Taylor, monroe and hepburn but the others, Is it Bergman Maybe? :S I am swedish so maybe I should ;)


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