Apr 4, 2011

manic monday.

 hello hello everyone!
im "working" from out of home today for a change and i think i like it!
im at corner bakery with a friend who "works" here on her business often. we are here sharing a table and i've got Jeff Buckley playing in my ears...
so yeah... i think i like it.

anyway... here are some celeb photos for your manic monday! starting with my FAVE... george!! isn't he just the dreamiest!??


 miss bardot in the best hat ever!

 grace in her pretty pretty wedding dress... ive really been into the long sleeve wedding dresses lately...hmmm.

 frida looking uh-mazing in her brights!

 oh! and i had a little "kennedy" collection going in my files....
 do you die over how cute little jackie is!???

 and little JFK Jr!!! eeeeeks!

 mmmmm paul newman :)

and this is a really really cute photo of marilyn... LOVE!

happy top of the week to ya!

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  1. Fantastic photos! Loving the old time ones, they are like a time vehicle, taking us back into the past!

  2. p.s. I used to have a maaasive crush on Paul Newman. Darn it he was good looking :-)


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