Aug 9, 2010

funny & fun.

really funny... but super cool!
I had the honor of being interviewed last month by Agne Mankute of Fashion Magazine (a Lithuanian online mag)... She's so sweet! She asked me if she could write an article about me and my style... of course I said yes!
I LOVE it because she broke out some OLD SCHOOL & funny fancycatvintage photos and (shhh...) the title photo is actually a "test" iphone shot after purchasing a new app.... looks good! haha!!

Link to the article is here.
***It is not in English so depending on what browser you have, you'll have to click the "translate" button to read it in "broken" english.
...and if you'd like to read the full interview (in English) you can view it here.

Thanks Agne for the fun!!


  1. congrats on getting published! woo hoo!

  2. It's Agne!
    It was really great to work with you :))
    Thank YOU for everything ;))


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