Aug 12, 2010

the room.

photo tour.
of my room... where most of my work happens :))

1. my little trinket shelf houses my earrings, necklaces, pins, other accessories and what not... oh! also some photos i love :)

2. the shelf above houses my "shiny" piggy bank, Elvis Presley photo book and other do-dads.

3. above that is more piggies (i like classic piggy banks) and a "vintage" phone and white gift boxes that i actually use for storage.

4. i like my closet to have light color hangers pistachio, cream and white from The Container Store.

5. Yes... it's organized by color ...don't laugh.

6. where i'm at right now :) my work desk!

 7. it takes up about a forth of my small room... but i keep it bright and colorful!

8. behind me... a green mannequin that houses a few of my scarves and scares me every night. 

9. over my bed... a cork board with some of my very first digital photos and a photo of my friend who played the "MC" in Cabaret :)

10. little book shelf and bracelet drawer under my desk.... and my key chain of my travels collection.

11. vintage kitchen cans that really house my crafting tools...not tea, coffee or sugar.

12. ...and of course Elvis overlooking the room on a Harley :)

that's all folks!
i hope you enjoyed the tour.


  1. i love it! i love the phone, the piggy, your clothes!!! beautiful effect you put on the photos too! :)

  2. Very cool!
    Love the piggies...that's so cute! I need to start a little collection of something!


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