Aug 14, 2010


oh hiiiii everyone!
what a day!
today (or uh...yesterday) was a crazy busy day for me.
i was all over the place running errands and what not...but i made time for a stop at the local thrift shop :))

here's what i got....
i needed them for fall!!!
1. a dark burgundy pair of cowboy boots ... they fit SO good :) i had to!
2. another Pendleton (south western) fleece blanky to match the other one. Now I have TWO.. (same exact one! what are the odds?) 

here's my sister, Dani modeling the boots for me while i played photographer.
it's her birthday officially TOMORROW!

she's gonna be 21!!!!

*go here to wish her a happy birthday* 

...and here's the half bagel flat sandwich i made myself before i left.... it was SO yum!

have a good weekend everyone... we'll be celebrating Dani's 21st allllllll week :))

[top photo found here]


  1. You two are so adorable and fun together!
    Wish her a happy, happy birthday from me!

    Lots of love for you, little ladies...


  2. Those are my legs!

    and thanks for the birthday wishes Sarah!


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