Jan 23, 2010

Style Muse for Saturday...

Today's Style MUSE
Dorothy Dandridge... for sure!

In an age of limited opportunities for nonwhite performers, Dorothy Dandridge broke all barriers to become the first African-American dramatic female movie star. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, on November 9, 1922, Dorothy Dandridge showed tremendous talent at a young age. By the time she was five, she and her sister Vivian were performing all over the South and earning enough money to support her entire family. 
Many years passed before the entertainment industry acknowledged Dandridge's legacy. Starting in the 1980s, stars such as Cicely TysonJada Pinkett SmithHalle BerryJanet JacksonWhitney Houston and Angela Bassett acknowledged Dandridge's contributions to the role of blacks in film.

AKA.. she was awesome!

 super cool vintage ad!

she reminds me of my mommy here!! :)

wasn't she adorable!!?

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