Jan 4, 2010

weekend re-cap!!!

thank God for a new year!
actually...thank God for a new day! LOL.

Lot's of things to do today but FIRST...
...a weekend re-cap!


on New Year's Eve's eve (did that make sense?) it was my friend Molli's birthday...

...we all met up at IHOP for breakfast. I didn't have pancakes though... I had a cheese and tomato omlette (still delicious!)
***EDIT: here is the recipe for these beautiful pancakes!

That evening, we saw Sherlock Holmes and it was SOOOO good!
RDJ was amazing as usual...

...but Jude was DIVINE and I ofcourse fell back in love with him again! ;)

So my NYE is never the normal like the photo below... 
I always work a show for a murder mystery dinner theatre that i run here in So. Cal!
Yes! It's as fun as it sounds...

and big thanks to my sisto for tagging along and helping!
(she'll like this photo :))

once that was over, all we could do was SLEEP and i def. slept in on New Year's day!
my body was so tired!

On January 2nd we had a not so amazing yard sale. 
we slept on my drive way in the sun most of the time! LOL

after cleaning up... i couldn't help but sleep some more!

after finally regaining my energy back,  my sister and I met up with Molls for birthday celebration round 2! 
We ate our tummies to shame at my favorite place... SOUPLANTATION!

yesterday... we had round 3 for Molls's birthday at Disneyland and it was so so soooo much fun!

My friend Mandi was here from New York!!
 ...and she brought along her friend Daniel from Israel!!
Here they are on the tea cup ride (the prettiest ride at Disneyland IMO) with my friend Michelle's (who was also there) daughter Kathrine... she's such a cutie pie!

The past couple of days have been so beautiful here!
It's making me crave Spring!

and finally!..i thought it would be fun to sign up for this...
...ask away!



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