Jan 6, 2010

Looking back! 2009 entertainment.

Favorite Album:

John Mayer - Battle Studies

Favorite Song:

 John Mayer - Assasin

Favorite New Discovery:

Devendra Banhart

Favorite "That's soooo 2005, what took you so long?!" artist:

Matt Hires
(just go with it)

Favorite music video:

Favorite TV Drama:

(i dont watch tv but i make time to record/watch Glee)

Favorite Reality Show:

Team "Zebra" was my fave!!

It's a TIE!
 Survivor & Amazing Race 
(again my sister's got me recording (and obsessed over) stuff now!)

Craziest "Pee-In-Your-Pants-WTF?!?" Season Finale:

I'm just glad Russel didn't win on Survivor! 

Favorite Movie:

Sherlock Holmes

(honorable mention: Star Trek)

what's on your list?

list from the blog of: jeremy larson
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  1. Matt Hires <3

    He was a lovely discovery...

  2. I thot that I entertained you a few times in 09. You sure smiled alot and laughed.


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