Jan 29, 2010

theme thursday. rrrrrred.

it's still Thursday here in California!
sorry the day got away from me BUT i still wanted to do my Theme for Thursday...

I even wore my red zip up hoodie tonight ;)

PS. for those of you who know me personally (or follow me on twitter... is the above photo *found here* making you laugh??)

red vintage.

red specs.

red hair and a fun tattoo!

red tattoo.
(love this... i want one!)

red booklet.

super cool family next to their super cool red car!

red two piece...LOVE!(source)

red laces.

haven't READ it yet.
(RIP J.D.)

red-iculously CUTE!

my new pola on red background!!
(gonna buy some film this week and play!)

and good night :)

other sources: weheartit + UO Blog

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