Jan 1, 2010

10 for 2010!

Happy New Year everyone!!
*First BLOG of the year*

So...instead of a resolution this year (they always fail) I decided to do goals.
10 goals for 2010 actually... are a few.

drink MORE water.

get back into the daily YOGA
def. in need of some zen-ness and def. need to get back in shape!

use my camera ALOT more.

cook and bake more often!

i dont cook so this is something id like to learn and do more often. im gonna have a family some day... they'd probably like to eat right?

wear skirts and DRESSES more often.

more craft projects and gifts for friends and loved ones!

because yes! it's always worth it :)

2010 is gonna be SO good!



  1. Yes its going to be a better year. Resolutions suck, goals are better. They can be reached. I did yoga the other day on the Wii Fit in front of the tv. If I did yoga in person with a class I could do well at it I think. You're welcome to bake me something or make me some craft. DEFINITELY take more pictures. You are a better photog than me, and I'm pretty good. You fit into the puzzle exactly where God wants you right now. Just trust Him and he'll do his work in you! It will go 'click' and you'll be fascinated! I agree with the dress idea. You'll look great!
    love ya, Jake.

  2. omigosh, I love that puzzle piece cookie cutter! Do you know where that's from?

  3. elledee- I dont know where one could find those. i bet you could search it on ebay or something :)

  4. soo happy to find this blog ! adorable outfits ! love to see a sistah rocking her style ; her way !
    i'll be in touch ! peace !


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