Mar 9, 2011

outfit report.

oh, hi my friends!
what a day!
okay so... i started back up with my yoga again after maybe a 4 or 5 month dry spell :o(
BUT... i'm totally addicted again and excited about being a yoga freak and feeling good (one of my goals for turning 30!) THEN... I had to go have blood work done (after a 12 hour fast of only drinking water) and that wasn't fun at all... i only like needles when they are making pretty designs on my skin. HA!
THEN... i treated myself to a yummy mexican brunch buffet (i totally deserved it RIGHT!?)
THENNNN... we went all the way back to the clinic for my moms appointment... and I decided to do a mini parking lot shoot of my "busy day out outfit!"

it was SUCH a pretty day here in LA!
here's what i wore...

the details: 
over sized short sleeve cardigan- XXI
3/4 sleeve tee- Target
faded grey skinny jeans- Express
Leopard pointy flats- H&M
tortoise shell sunnies, turquoise ring, Harmonica/Elizabeth II coin necklace- XXI
(gasp!!! im wearing NOTHING vintage!)

...then we got home and I took a long long nap! (I also call it "falling into a food coma")
Just watched Amazing Race with Dani and I'm off to run yet another errand then... home for ice cream and a catch up session of Bethenny Ever After!!! YAY!

photos via 
my iPhone


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