Mar 7, 2011


hi friends!
i could spend hours and hours collecting fancy photos from the internet.
here are some from the DOJ files for your inspiration...
starting with the above suit case! if only mine could look that pretty, id pack one all the time!

inspo to always make my gifts look cute (...and preferably retro!)

inspo to take a mini roadtrip/vacation to new and interesting place!

inspo to have a cute cute dapper boyfriend one day.

thank you 1960's ....i am inspired!

inspo to have a skate party! ....a la 1970's of course!

cute jewelry inspo via elsie cake!

inspo to always look lovely no matter what!

DIY inspo.

best nap ever inspo.

inspo to take great photos like this.
inspo to get excited for spring!!!!

can you believe it's already march!!?? YIKES!
Oh! and ...PS. Drops Of Jupiter has officially hit over 10,000 monthly views YAYYY!
i LOVE LOVE LOVE you all for coming from all over the world just to check out my itty bitty corner of the "interwebs!"

(...and NOW im craving BBQ potato chips... am i crazy!!? or does this happen to anyone else?!)

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  1. Agh, these are all so great! Thanks for sharing. I want those skates so bad.

  2. oh happy day! I just discovered your gorgeous blog--love it:)


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