Mar 4, 2011

my 80's outfit.

oh, hi everyone! 
so one of my friends joined me in turning 30 this week and she threw a super cute 80's party...
with owning a vintage shop, my sister and i really didn't have a problem coming up with our costumes!

here's what we wore...

 you know i LOVE my bad quality bathroom photos!!

 my outfit began with these accessories! ...everyone owns a pair of blinder sunnies right?

 what i wore:
80's hat- Target 
gold blinder sunnies- XXI(?)
skinny studded belt (around my shoulder)- Express 
over sized black tank- H&M 
bright yellow tube top- Express 
palazzo pants (turned into MC Hammer pants)- Nordstrom Rack 
Thick rocker belt- Express
studded cuff bracelet- Express(?)
80's bangles- all over?
cut off white tube socks- my poor dads sock drawer
black peep toe pumps- Target.
***NOTE: These are ALL things we already owned!! HA!!

 Dani's lime green tutu will be on sale SOON at fancycatvintage!

 cutest 80's party set up!!!

 Molli made martinis!

 i danced like a TRUE 80's dancer to Oingo Boingo's "Dead Man's Party" FAVE!!!

it was totally RADICAL!!



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