Feb 10, 2011

Good Bye 20's!!!

Bye Bye Bye!!!
I guess I'm using this post as a way to say good bye to my 20's.
YES... tomorrow (in a couple hours) I will be 30!
So many things happened to me in my 20's ....things I've learned from and things I am so grateful for!

In my 20's I...
had my first kiss.
became a dance teacher.
started playing guitar.
became a live entertainer, singer, actress.
performed with a band.
shrunk down to a size 3.
graduated from college.
became friends with my sister.
started my own business.
traveled alone.
moved out into my own apartment.
moved back home 9 months later.
traveled around Europe.
found and joined an amazing church.
became a barista.
left the corporate world.
got my own website.
lost 2 pets.
lost 3 grand parents.
got my first, second, third and fourth tattoos.
got my heart broken.
healed to be stronger than i ever was.
went on a mission trip.
started a blog.
met John Mayer.
went on a cruise with John Mayer.
learned to snowboard.
became a Bible study leader.
met amazing people who i call my friends today.
Gave my life to GOD!

...and so much more.

So, today I officially told myself to be positive about the BIG 3-0's coming like it or not so better to be positive about it! RIGHT!!?

So thank YOU God for 3 decades :o)
I am who I am today because of HIS grace!!

Here's to 30 everyone!!!



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  2. Mimi ...i LOVE you but you gotta keep the comments clean for the kids ;o)

    PS. You are not a lazy @*&^%$

  3. Huhuuu! Happy b'day! My b'day is tomorrow (12 feb.) and I'm horrified cause I'm gonna be 22, yaayks!
    Anyway,, hope you have a lovely day!

  4. Loved to hear about all you did during your 20's... And, when we find God, everything becomes better and better, because, no matter what is going on, we always have hope and know is the best for our growth.

  5. Happy Birthday, what an amazing amount of this to have achieved in your twenties! Have a beautiful birthday!! x

  6. See, this is why I love your blog. You area always so positive! :-D What an amazing decade you've had! Cheers to ANOTHER fantastic decade!!


  7. 30?? there's no WAY you look 30!

  8. awww...Happy Birthday babe!!

  9. I cannot even begin to express how much I admire your list of 'things accomplished' during your 20's .. lady - you GO!! I gave my life to Christ AT 20 ... what better way to commence a phenomenal decade of life?! I treasure your blog and think you are fantastic ... here's to another slew of years for you, miss!

    :) Rach


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