Feb 16, 2011

what i wore.

 oh, hello!
so most of you know last friday i turned 30!
i had to work work work that weekend so on Sunday I celebrated over brunch with friends and of course a trip to Disneyland.

Here's what i wore!
this dress was a treasure i found in our "fancycatvintage inventory"... so i tried it on, it fit and presto! ...birthday outfit!

 Goofy left a "birthday message" for me and i got to hear it over this super CUTE vintage phone :o)

 i always make sure Dani and I get a photo at the original CENTER of Disneyland!

 what i wore:
dress- vintage, belt-H&M, cowboots- vintage, biker jacket- XXI, gypsy ring-XXI, tortoise shell sunnys- XXI c/o my sisto Dani, mouse ears- party city!

 at brunch i opened some presents and got Shakespear In Love (my fave!!!) and Ray LaMontagne's Gossip In The Grain (I LOVE him!!'s the beard)

...and thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes!
i LOVE LOVE LOVE you all!!!

PS. Have you seen my sister's BLOG post on my NERD CRUSHES!!?
it's SO good if you like to look at yummy scruffy boys!

photos via 
my iPhone!


  1. Happy B'day, Tiff!!! Lots of love for you!

    You looked gorgeous as usual!
    I spent my b'day at a tea house with just a few friends and had load of laughs. Stop by my blog and tell me what you think of my outfit too.


  2. i love the whole outfit (dress is lovely!) but those minnine mouse ears are AWESOME!!

  3. happy birthday! i have to say i'm loving you with bangs!

  4. Happy birthday! It looks like you had a really stellar time. I need to get to Disney one of these days.

  5. I love your dress!!
    What is the name on the APP you have used to the picture with a star??


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