May 24, 2009

hello you :)

It's been too long I know!
I miss this...
Been busy and got a little sicky poo but today I feel like making up for it all. BTW... today was beautiful! Just all around beautiful. Quality time with a great soul I know, got some work done, sang at church and the sun is still up at 7:15pm! You KNOW I love that.

Well some of them are ending in about an hour but I've been wanting to share some of the cute pieces we have up in the store... BUT might not have up by the time you read this or might have moved to our etsy!

1. The perfect 1960's vintage Prom Dress...
It's so pretty! If you want to see more of it here is the link to it.
2. This dress is flippin' awesome! I'm thinking of fighting the current winning bidder for it cus I really really really think I just want to keep it!

3. This dress is super short... currently...because it actually has extra room in the hem. BUT I like it!

and I always get so bummed when I see that one of the items I love is paid for and ready to be shipped. It's bitter sweet though because that also means that I'm closer to getting paid!!
4. Next up...
Our "Madonna" prom/wedding dress! Love it!
And some fun things I saw today in a friends B&W magazine...

I just loved this shot! It looks better in person... I took this with my cell phone back stage at church. I love the  cute little 1950's kids and their super cute hair!
and I thought this was was really cute...

I love it cus THIS IS WHAT A ROBOT LOOKS LIKE! DARN IT! lol! Another 1950's shot on Halloween. Super cute!
And have you been to our etsy shop? It's lookin' good so far! Sold a dress that supposedly is going to be in a film in England. But who knows... I just rushed it to her like she asked me to. Here's a shot of one of the cute dresses we have in there now...

Love love lovin' it!
Alright... back to work I guess. I'll get back in here soon with more. 
XO Betty

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