Feb 15, 2011

tattoo tuesday.

 hello hello everyone!
im very excited for tattoo tuesday today because i've got a BIG BIG collection this time around (i couldn't narrow them down cus i LOVED them all) AND...
...something special :o)
(PS. i want something like the above SO bad!)


 LOVE this! 
it's a Disneyland Jungle Cruise skipper's first tattoo! So perfect!

 pretty pretty.

 LOVE it!

 peek peek!

it means NO WORRIES... for the rest of your dayyyyys! :o)

 3 things i personally couldn't live with out GOD!

 tattooed bridal party = LOVE!

 stegosaurus nerd LOVE!

 nerd glasses LOVE!

 SO pretty.

(if i start getting doodles... this WILL be one of them!)

...and something special!!!
here is the first of our tattoos "on the street" collection.
 ....eeep! i can't even tell you how excited i am to start doing this!!
i saw this fancy gentleman on Main St. at Disneyland while Dani and I were there for my birthday.
i saw him and dani saw him and it took us a minute to get the guts to ask him for his photo. BUT Dani stopped him and i swooped in and asked and he was sweet enough to say YES
...and he even blessed us with a Captain Morgan pose LOL!!! (with out direction!)
isn't he dreamy!??
(((kicking myself STILL for not getting his name, age, and city and all that but he made perfect practice for the future... hoping he'll see this and contact me to make it complete with a name!)))

SO that's all folks!
i'm off to go grocery shopping.. FUN FUN!
*i'll be back later with my Vintage Birthday Outfit photos!*

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  1. Hakuna Matata and then Waldo behind her ear! THat's great! Love 'em. Maybe I'll get one (inspiration from your blog)
    Cant wait for next tuesday!
    Love ya, Jake

  2. Thank you for placing my art music & love tatoo in your blog :)


  3. does anybody know which font this "hakuna matata" lettering is?


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