Feb 21, 2011

manic monday.

happy manic monday everyone!
wow... i had the craziest busiest weekend EVER! 
i worked and filmed a trailer and worked and worked some more. So, today I am supposed to be doing my taxes BUT... i kinda took advantage of having my first day off....oh well!

SO... isn't the above photo of Marsha Hunt UH-mazing!!?
(fyi she's Mick Jagger's first baby's mama.... ie: "brown come you taste so good?!")'s some more amazing photos of the following...



 a cute photo of a photo of bjork!









don't you agree!??
oh! and maybe some of you want to see the trailer too...
***set up: some of you know that i have a back ground in dancing and acting. This trailer is for a murder mystery dinner show i was hired for to do on the side of everything else i do :o)
(im in a samba dancer) 

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