Nov 3, 2010

indian summer.

oh, hi!
Just when you thought it was safe to layer!!
here's an ode to the indian summer we've been having these days in sunny southern california :))
i heard it was like 100 degrees out today.
(i stayed in all day... but i might go out for a bit to see the Christmas deco up in the shops)

what happened to fall? 

pretty photos above via Laura Taylor

these beautiful polas via Chloe Aftel.

oh, hiiii pretty :))  
ps. don't giraffes have the BEST 1960's eyeliner or what!? ;) 

perfect indian summer pool water ...ergo the fall leaves :)

So Dani and I had a fun indian summer Halloween day at Disneyland!! 

we dressed up as hippies :)

 ...and we of course got on my favorite ride (Jungle Cruise) twice!!

we saw so many good halloween costumes! and i finally got my "back shot" of the partners that i've been wanting to do for some time!
other photos via weheartit&me&top photo via .scribe


  1. Haha, cute hippie costumes! I'm so jealous that you got to go to Disney! Jungle Boat Cruise is awesome!!

  2. I know ... seriously how hot has it been in southern California? Bring on Fall please!


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