Nov 18, 2010

outfit report.

token autumn outfit.
today i wore a "totally tiffany" fall outfit!
not completely bundled up but warm enough for the wind chill.

 1. ive got my signature fleece (ny jeans <--i know :-\) vest on. i wear it all the time when the weather is chilly's so old! i think i got it from my godparents for christmas when i was in high school . 
 2. i put on some "malcolm x" vintage frames from our fancycatvintage stash :) 
...i like them!
 3. a heather pink v-neck boy shirt from nordstrom.
the hippie in me likes loose fitting tops!
 4. often when i have "messy" hair i like to dress it up a bit with a cute flower or something. today i wore and old creamy colored flower broach/hair pin.
5. my black cold weather scarf from target that i also wear all the time!

 6. hiding under my scarf usually is  along necklace. this one is my sister's from XXI.
 7. i bought 3 pairs of these extra thick black tights by frenchi. they are going to be my go-to staple for this cold weather season :)) 
 8. finally my signature leaopard point toe flats from h&m. ive had them for over 2 years now... i don't know what i'm going to do when i can't wear them anymore :( 
...i'll probably make them live longer with super glue! ...or something.

that was fun :)

do you have a token fall outfit???


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