Sep 27, 2011

tattoo tuesday.

hello ink lovers!
i gotta tell ya, it's been a FUNKY week for me and i'm totally on the verge of getting some ink work done to pep my spirits up ...but just adding to my collection to show you all makes me happy too. 
AND ...i LOVE when you guys send me your tattoos! here's DOJ reader in Germany Maren's (do you remember her from this post?... she's wearing a fancycatvintage sweater BTW!) boyfriend Holger's tattoo... in German it reads "Things that end become legends" Thanks Holger!

...and here's more! ...enjoy.

 doodles... i like trying to figure out which one was there first :o)

 pirate LOVE.


 pretty pirate LOVE.

 i LOVE everything about this photo. the outfit. the food. the lighting & of course the ink.

 i wanted giant wings tattooed on my back when i was high school ...i still think about it.


...also thanks to the handsome dan tillery for sending me some of his ink! 
...see more of him here.

i LOVE the little lines :)

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