Aug 10, 2011

tattoo tuesday (late late edition)

that's how the Germans say "hello!" why am i telling you this?... probably because im just a overly happy that my niece and nephew are here from Germany... with my brother and my sis in law of course :o) There's nothing like family really! (that's why this post is going up so late...cus i can't help but spend every second i can with them) ...eeep! i LOVE family!

so without further adieu...'s some ink havers for your enjoyment.

 i LOVE doodles. 

 i feel like this is a repeat ...but i appreciate her doodles!

 i-LOVE-it! ....i want one of those arrows RIGHT NOW!

 super good!



 O-M-G! ...i have no words for the amazingness of this.

 so good!

and for my final ink haver... i must tell you a few things that i LOVE...
1. this is Maren (one of my readers alllll the way in Germany!) 
2. LOVE LOVE LOVE her 80's cassette tattoo!
3. PLEASE note that she is wearing a sweater from fancycatvintage!!
(I'm so happy to know that it went to a good new home)
...and 4. OH MY GAWD! ...SHE'S GINGER!!!
L-O-V-E it all!!!
***thanks Maren! xoxooxo***

to all my readers, customers, ink havers, gingers, or whatever... feel free to say hello! 
send me a note or leave a comment! i LOVE hearing from you cus it makes me LOVE doing what i do even more than i already do :O)

Auf Wiedersehen!!!
(that means good bye.)

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  1. I love your stuff. Very inspiring. I'm only 13 but I love all the tattoos. I am a ginger!
    <3 Skye

  2. Absolutely love your selections! Just got my first ;)


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