Sep 30, 2011

for the literate.

 starting NOW!
okay everyone... i'm officially on a mission to kick this "debbie downer" bug i've been complaining about for the past week. seriously... SO good bye september and HELLO POSITIVE OCTOBER! i know you'll be amazing!
anybody else want to do this with me!? ...starting now!

okay! so here are some fun things to read for all of you literates!!

 also serious.

HA!!! okay so i LOVE this graphic cus it's one of my favorite lines from Jurassic Park! ...anyone?

 great graphic here.

 LOVE this sign over Miss James of the bleubird BLOG's bed!
(it's also one of my fave Beatles songs!)


i LOVE scrabble words.

& i LOVE you all :O)
thank you to ALL of you for letting me share my finds of inspiration with you!

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  1. Yay! I'm glad you've determined to cheer up buttercup! Though I do know how hard it can be to do so. Looking forward to a bright October here too!


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