Aug 15, 2011

manic monday.

 it's monday & it's manic MANday!
HA! ...i know some of you have been waiting patiently for manic monday (man edition) ...well here it is. and i must say that some of the guys in the mix are for my kid sister dani...cus it's her birthday! 
starting with the above Mr. Franco're welcome... enjoy.

 mr. schwartzman ....dani LOVES him.

 mr. dean ....ughh life is hard... i know.

 mr. cera ... another one of dani's

 hellooo mr. eastwood!

 warhol & jagger LOVE!!!

 dani's donald glover 
...who was sitting right next to her at her job and she didn't know.

 clooney ....i like them older :O)

 dani's boss...the BIG C! ...Mr. Chris Hardwick! ...i think he's adorable too :O))

 okay and i've ALWAYS had a little crush on mr. knoxville i crazy?

 ali's the greatest.

 mr. lebuf .... dani's bad boy.

and the coolest photo ever of JFK!

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