Aug 5, 2011

for the literate.

 That's for YOU Anne!!
...and it's also for alllll my ginger readers out there! i LOVE you all! 
(please say 'Hi' in the comments! & send/tweet me ginger photos of yourselves!)

Well hello everyone! I've gotta tell you that i've had a CRAZY month and I'm so glad that 1. it's August! 2. It's friday and I have the day off. and 3. i have the following inspo (for all you literates) to keep you AND ME positive! ...enjoy.


 yep! ...daily.


 get it!!!??

 SO TRUE everyone!!
 can't order a drink without it :o)

 i LOVE knowing that HUGE projects could be done like this in the 50's!


that's my motto!

♥ i know i've said this before but i LOVE you guys and i read every single one of your sweet comments/tweets/emails and i thank you thank you thank you for giving this blog a piece of your precious time! it truly means a lot to me as i know that time is valuable because it's something you'll never get back. thanks for spending a bit of it here!! ♥

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