Nov 23, 2009


Okay well first of all a bunch of things happened before I got to doing this...
We were on an "emergency stop" at DisneyLand. We had eaten so much for lunch that we wouldn't have felt okay with ourselves if we didn't "walk it off".... so why not at Disneyland!!?

When we got back in the car on the way back I noticed my RING was missing!! :o( I was so upset at that moment and just came to the fact that it was gone and I would have to buy a new one. 

On the way home... I thought "I hope it's maybe in my bag"... so just a few minutes ago, I dumped everything in my bag on my bedroom floor. ***took a picture***
But no ring :o(

Then I looked down in the other direction and THERE IT WAS!!! It must've fallen off sometime this morning??? who knows?'s back on my finger now!  

*it's the stack ring on top that says 'Jesus' ...yayyy! Glad it's not lost on the Mr. Potato Head ride or something!

So WHATS in my bag???
1. polka dot iPhone cozy that I got on etsy (earphones inside for emergency jam sessions)
2. keys!
3. gourmet detective (the murder mystery dinner theatre i manage) keys!
4. black vintage mini coin purse i got at a thrift store
5. elvis checkbook inside an orange mesh zipper bag (that also holds my quad color pen, business cards and chapstick)
6. samsung bluetooth egg
7. black glitter draw string bag that holds girly stuff
8. cream quilted style wallet from ForLove 21
9. red 80's vintage sunglasses from LaBomba
10. 1/3 full bottle of water?
11. Chinese coin purse that holds my pills and dental floss ;o)
12. tic tacs
13. travel bottle of "cotton candy" scent body spray
14. grey 80's vintage sunglasses from Goodwill
15. black travel wallet from Nordstrom
16. bottle of Aleeve
17. Soft case that holds my gold-jeweled compact mirror from Arbonne International
*** Vintage Giorgio Armani Tote (with elvis pin) from LaBomba

NOW you know! :o)

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