Nov 3, 2009

i LOVEd you Monday.

well monday got away from me again. A lot on my mind with lots to do... but i still LOVEd it.

1. i love you Breakfast Club!

2. I love you Johnny Depp

3. i LOVE this shot and you Ashley Olsen!

4. Still LOVE you Madonna. 

5. i LOVE you sweet Marilyn

6. i LOVE you Jared Leto! (especially cus you look like Mr. France *teeheehee*)

7. i LOVE you i LOVE you i LOVE you Jordan Catalano and the way you lean! (#6 & 7 are two different people! DONT argue with me!)

8. and for my sister... i LOVE you (brother in law) Jason Schwartzmanalahlahleeee!


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  1. #6 and #7 look like they could be broters......or distant cousins...that's weird o.O

  2. Love your pictures here! They are all so wonderful! :)


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