Nov 3, 2009

We need your VOTES!!!

Hey People!!!!

Can you believe it!!! It happened!!! .... I am a finalist to be a Reporter and Co-anchor for FuseTV at the John Mayer "Battle Studies" record release concert in New York City!!! 
I made the top 10 out of alllll the entries so now all I need is your vote and for you to pass this along to everyone you know!!!

Vote for me as many times as you can on different computers and browsers, refresh, have your family vote, post it on facebook, twitter, the news paper, whatever... etc. etc.... just VOTE and help me get to NYC for the event that will literally change my world!!! 
LOVE you all so much! and thank you thank you!!!

Let's WIN!!!
XO. Tiffany 

Watch ALL our funny videos that sent in for the WIN!!! Shout out to the L-83!!!

Thanks to you all!


  1. I love how you talked with your hands in this video Tiff! "You need ME! for this!!"


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