Nov 8, 2009


Okay so I had a chain reaction attack. I saw one thing and one thing led to another and next thing you know I fell BACK in love with Jordan Catalano from "My So Called Life" serious! 

If any of you remember that show, you should remember the grunge overload awesomeness it spewed at us in all 19 of it's episodes before they took it's amazingness from us and cancelled the show :(

So in honor of the inspiration its brought to me, here's a MSCL/Grunge/Catalano/Grunge revival mash up BLOG!

Floral Doc Martens and cut off denim shorts!

The "lean" Jordan Catalano on MSCL

Grunge Floral duffel bag from FancyCat Vintage!

Ashley O! Grunge revival!

Jewlery overload! LOVE it.

Angela Chase (played by Claire Danes) of MSCL!

Grunge forever! Johnny Depp.

Holy cows! MK always rocks the best of grunge revival these days!!

River Phoenix was very grunge. Miss him major!

Pretty floral on white! Think I need some of these for fall/winter...okay and spring AND summer.

The MAN himself Jared Leto (in his super grunge days) ....le sighhhh!

Planning to be/get back on track this week. Crazy times...but all is good now! 

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