Jul 24, 2012

tattoo tuesday.

well happy tuesday everyone!! i hope you had a good one. mine is just about to end as i will be crawling back into bed after this. angry tummies are the worst. and yes, i feel like mine is angry a lot. so i sipped on some ginger-ale and had a small late night dinner of left overs. 

So, i plan on treating myself to something yummy for breakfast in the morning. its going to be an early one after all. alarm at 5am ...on the road by 6! BUT anyway... here's to all you ink lovers! ...enjoy. XO, tiffany.

1. perfect old ship ink. 2. chef knives LOVE 3. all inked up in a suit 4. geometric! & LOVE the anchor too! 5. playing dress up with ink = divine 6. stop LION! 7. chest piece ink all over 8. ricki hall's street style & ink 9. broken arrow INK Inspo! 10. LOVE & tattoos + other photos via tumblr&google&pinterest.

good night ink havers & lovers. hope tomorrow is the best!

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  1. I love the first one. I'm not usually a big fan of tattoos so the ones on the (front of the) neck are a big no no for me, but back ink is beautiful. I really love tiny intricate designs on the wrist too, they're my favourite kind x


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