Jul 23, 2012

manic monday.

well hello there. and happy monday! for the next couple of weeks I'm going to have my evenings free and this kind of excites me. what to do? what to do? life has been fun and different lately. looking forward to possible changes in the future. but more on that later ...i hope (wink wink)
in the mean time, here are some fun celeb shots for all you hollywood manics. starting with Mr. Nicholson. isn't he great in it?   ~enjoy. XO tiffany.

LOVE! POTUS & FLOTUS getting their jam on.

1. jack nicholson too cool for school 2. a reflection of debbie harry 3. audrey hepburn outdoors 4. mick jagger & john lennon profiles 5. michelle williams looking light 6. eartha kitt is the best 7. elvis presley my fave 8. debbie harry & david bowie love 9. dorothy dandridge beauty 10. joanne woodward & paul newman love 11. the obamas jam sesh 12. flying cat & twiggy via whorangeother photos via tumblr & pinterest.


  1. Awesome collection today. Elvis is a dreamboat... ;)

  2. I love this blog, people with talent, charming, intelligence, they are very inspiring people. I love Audrey's pic here! I hadn't seen it before! Thank you.


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